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Nice to have you on my website. I'm an independant app developer creating useful tools for Android devices. On this website you can check out my Android apps and some more information about Crunchy ByteBox.

Follow the links to Google Play Store to download the apps and see more information and screenshots of Crunchy ByteBox apps.

About my apps

My apps are developed to assist and give pleasure to the users.

Most of my apps are free of charge, but therefore they display one fixed ad banner. Some apps are available for purchase, thus they are completely ad free and come with some special features. The new Level Camera allows in-app purchases to remove the ads or to buy some more settings.

I'm not interested in any data of the users and all permissions that are requested are necessary to run the apps. Except for apps that show ads: the permissions for network access are required and data may be shared with third parties as far as it is necessary. Read the privacy policy for more information.


16 December 2015

New update for 'Level Camera' app!

The Level Camera app now has a new feature that supports creating picture series.
You can save location and position data of your picture - or better said your device's position data. You can even display a semi-tranparent overlay image of an already taken photo from your picture series.

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